Welcome to Selah

Big things come in small packages and making the choice to call Selah home means so much more than just the place you live. 


It's a place to invest...

The future of Selah is bright and the past has proven its resilience. We all know that real estate markets ebb and flow and they can suffer deeply in a recession. But in a place like the Yakima Valley, whose commerce is built on agriculture and the basic need to put food and drink on people’s tables, your risk is low. Investing in Selah means that while those in big cities watch their home value decrease when times are tough, you could watch yours hold steady and grow. And as a community which prides itself on resident safety, you’re making an investment in your everyday peace of mind as well.


It's a place of opportunity...

With agriculture being at the core of Selah’s economy, opportunities abound in fields like technology, logistics, marketing, alternative energy, sustainability, product development and so many more. The City continues to realize its full potential through projects focused on the revitalization of the downtown corridor and ongoing support for new and existing small businesses. 


And there is no shortage of fun to be had here either! A good time is in-store for all who enjoy the pristine local parks or attend a Vikings baseball game. Annual events like Selah Community Days and the July 4th Celebration highlight a strong sense of community and civic pride. A well crafted drink or meal can be found at any one of the dozens of quality restaurants, breweries and wineries that dot the landscape of Yakima Valley. The opportunity to make each day its best is always at your doorstep.


It's a place for passion pursuits...

How do you love to spend your weekend?! Is it hiking in the hills, overlooking the valley below? Perhaps it’s blue ribbon trout fishing on the Yakima River? Or a simple raft trip with some good beer and great friends. Are you up for a day trip or maybe an overnight in the woods? Follow the backroads to Chinook or White Pass where you can enjoy a day at the lake or on the ski slopes. Perhaps a night under the stars at one of the many campgrounds throughout Wenatchee National Forest. Any one of these pursuits lies only a stone’s throw from downtown Selah!